In Mirrors EP

by Exist

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released October 22, 2010



all rights reserved


Exist Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Writhe
It was as if time
Stopped right then, an eternity between two seconds
Where I stood
In the Sky
Miles above the earth…

A concrete line in the external world
Twists violently within my own mind
Now in this moment I’m harshly reminded that

What is

Merely knowing what I’ve now discovered
And I am demeaned to nothing
Now gravity will grind me into the rocks below

Absoluteness hammers down
Onto the self raised on the stilts of my dreams
Stripping all vanity away
All I acquire is all I am, nothing more

Equated to an empty shell
Yet we’re still sentient beings trapped in our defeat
So if the value was myself
I start to think, on what terms do I even exist
Track Name: In Mirrors I: The Pine
Dormant state, void of expectations, let memory be light
Let cogitation open up the doorway to infinity
A boundless world where ideas are not restricted by our words
And intuition undistorted by perspective tells secrets

Days staring into nothing
So blindness is vision while I wait an eternity

Without reason for the inclinations of past, the fog lifts
And reveals a path where I revisit my life through different eyes

So as I depart,
The blackened woods surround yet the path is so clear
And I tread upon everyone I’ve seen, known, loved
All as one and one guilty as charged
The human dysfunction revealed
The light at the end so bright
Until only myself is left and the I starts to scream

You never think to defy
You feed my emotive hunger
Rationalize no more
The world you see now is the only world that you know

As disarray turns to fear
My beliefs collide, they color the sky

Don’t ever forget your place,
Robbed of what you were entitled
Placed on a pedestal
Stripped naked and pissed on for the entire
World to see your failure and laugh
At all that you held so dearly
Please don’t you ever forget
Your misfortune means more than love
Track Name: In Mirrors II: "So We Are..."
Awaken chained in a room with four walls,
Three others in opposite corners
Their ugliness more apparent the longer I stare,
Until I start to puke from the sight and smell of their decrepit selves
They tell me I am the same, I am.

A moment of ecstasy escapes terror
Now conscious, I’ve always known

Witnessing intolerance,
Left to right, right-center,
The groupings they change
And though ignorant to my own, the mathematics show it resides in my gene,
There are no chosen ones in this apparent godless life
I feel that I am the same, I am

A second of ecstasy escapes terror
Now conscious, I’ve always known

Please don't forget,
Your misfortune means more than love